Mentoring and Certification in Dream Analysis


I offer the following services:

  • DreamStar Vision Quests—three-day dream induction and dreamwork retreats on the Lower Laguna Madre or in the Catskills at Penn York Haven— our new cottage on the West Branch of the Delaware (near Hancock, NY). Starting Spring of 2021.

  • Online dream groups facilitated through Zoom videoconferencing, often co-lead by a DreamStar Certified Dreamwork Practitioner. These are hybrid training/personal dreamwork groups that can be used in lieu of a one-to-one practicum.
  • DreamStar Free Online Counseling, offering individual and couples therapy, therapeutic groups, and dream sharing groups

  • On-site Training Seminars in Dreamwork––for nonprofessional and professional dream workers alike.

  • One-day and two-day seminars on the FiveStar Method that can be scheduled locally or in your area.

To receive more information about DreamStar services, please contact me with your queries.