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Preparation for Participation in DreamStar
Online Dream Sharing Groups

1. Video Orientation to Leaders and Participants
in Online Dream Sharing Groups

2. Paper—A New Approach to Dream Analysis Congruent with
Contemporary Counseling Methods

3. Handout––Summary of the FiveStar Method

New! “Construction and Analysis of Dream Metaphors from
the Standpoint of Co-Creative Dream Theory”

…a groundbreaking article on how metaphors are formed in real time during dreams

New! The Importance of Formulating the
Process Narrative in Effective Dreamwork

…a seminal paper that explores the “hidden” feature of dreams that makes dream work much easier

A New Era in Dream Analysis
GSS Interview with Marcia Emerys
Listen Now

Co-Creative Dream theory and the FiveStar Method
Presentation at the 2019 Conference of the
International Assn. for the Study of Dreams
by GSS
Narrated Slideshow

GSS Interview on lucid dreaming and
co-creative dreamwork

by Centerpoint Foundation
Listen now

First-ever empirical research on the effects of galantamine on dreams,
published in
Consciousness and Cognition in 2018:
Exploring the Effects of Galantamine Paired with Meditation and Dream Reliving on Recalled
Dreams: Toward an Integrated Protocol for Lucid Dream Induction and Nightmare Resolution

The Advanced Lucid Dream Induction Method Instructions
(protocol used in the above study)

Download Instructions

Online Groups Meeting
I usually have two online dream groups meeting biweekly concurrently.
Let me know if you're interested by
emailing me. There may be an opening
in one of the groups, or I may planning to start a new one.

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