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The DreamStar
tm program was originally conceived as an open-ended mentoring process that could be tailored to each person's interests, needs, and prior experience as a dream worker. If you’d like to receive mentoring from me, you can arrange that on an hourly basis. However, if you want to learn co-creative dream analysis in a structured, self-paced format, please consider enrolling in one of our courses.

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Mastering the FiveStar Method

I offer the Mastering the FiveStar Method if you simply want to learn how to incorporate the FSM into your dream work practice.  Cost: $129 including 10 CEs.

tm Certification

If you are interested in becoming certified by DreamStar Institute, DreamStar Certification requires the satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Certification Course––consists of 7 modules of self-paced online study and awards 24 CEs. Each module has its own certificate of completion and CEs (authorized by the Texas Board of Professional Counselors), so you will earn CEs as you go through the course. I provide feedback for your responses to the interactive questions posted on the Course Forum. Cost: $199

  • Mentored Practicum––purchased separately (Prerequisite: Certification Course) and awards 9 CEs. During the practicum, you will schedule three hour-long Skype sessions with me, submit samples of actual dream work for review during our Skype sessions, and participate in personal dream work. Your completion of this practicum is at my discretion, and I may at any time opt to return your tuition and refuse to certify you. Cost: $299

Upon completion of these two components, you will receive DreamStar Certification. (Certification requires proof of liability insurance for all graduates.)

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To receive more information about DreamStar services, please email me with your queries.